About Beleza

Consult the beauty and skincare specialists at Beleza, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire when you want to take expert care of your skin with hassle-free, non-invasive, cutting-edge treatments. Renowned as a professional  clinic, we employ talented laser specialists and beauty therapists who are supported by more than 20 years of industry experience.

We use a range of products from Eve Taylor of London that contain no artificial colours or fragrances and no known irritants that can sensitise the skin.

Visit Our Exclusive laser and skincare Clinic

Registered with Which Laser, one of only two clinics in Staffordshire  that has been approved as a recognised body, Beleza adheres to exceptionally strict standards. As the first independent body to carry out preventative safety checks since the deregulation of lasers in 2010, we take pride in our exclusive status. Approximately 40 elite clinics across the UK have been awarded registered status alongside Beleza.

Ensuring the Safety of Our Clients

Of course, as a trusted, well-established clinic, we always put the safety of our clients first. Prior to delivering our treatments, we ensure you adopt a clear, accurate understanding of the procedures we carry out. Gain peace of mind knowing that you will receive safe treatments that are of the highest quality.